Top 3 Mobile OS and What We Love About Them


Symbian is one of the oldest mobile software ever existed. Before IOS, Windows, and Android, Symbian was all over the place. It was one of the biggest OS used by the biggest brand in 1998. Nokia was at the right time to launch mobile technology. They launched a series of models of mobile phones. Nokia also spent on marketing efforts just how do I get targeted traffic to my website. Nokia is so big that no one was able to foresee their end. Nokia officially owned Symbian that took them to the peak but also took them down when the competition became tighter. Symbian was very user-friendly. When Nokia released the N95, it exceeded the features offered by Apple and Android; however, it was too late. If you miss Symbian, you can get those old phone models with offers & coupons. Surprisingly, those old phones are still functional and are still useful.

Windows OS

Microsoft had this vision to dominate the world of mobile but they can’t still beat the shiny Apple. Windows OS struggled to provide user-friendly UI. We think that the problem with Windows in dominating smartphones as well is the free premium link generator. They çan’t seem to get out of the box. They still think about complicated processes that make the life of the users difficult. If they could just start listening to their customers, they might stand a chance.

They can’t still get out of the computer paradigm and translate their mobile OS. One of the good sides of Windows OS is you can perform complicated tasks as if you are just on your computer. Windows dominated the market of software. Sometimes, even if you prefer to use another OS, you cannot because it drive targeted traffic to your website. It is one of the common software that we will encounter, so compatibility of your documents is going to be easier. Actually, if you consider the price of their phones you can shop online using discounts, the pricing is quite good and affordable. Techs believe that this is a marketing strategy to get people buying. It’s a good offer compare to what you can get from the features.


Android first big hit was in 2008. They have caused a major riot in the mobile industry. The functionalities of this OS were similar with Symbian. What made Android survive the game of the fittest is the continuous improvements they made on their OS. In fact, each upgrade was named after deserts. They went through in different phases. As the game becomes tighter, the brands using Android had to lower their price per unit and offer voucher codes and promo codes. We can say that Android is the top leading OS in the world. It has much functionality like the free premium link generator, but be careful because security is not as tough as IOS. So, make sure to download security features and be careful with your browsing. This strategy was done to sell out their old models as they introduce new models with higher prices. What we love about Android is the UI. It is simple yet so functional. However, developers of Android need to ironclad the security features of their OS for the sake of their users.